European Parliament calls for the EC to create favourable framework for nuclear new build

Dec 17, 2015 | Newsfeed

Infog competitiveness of nuclear energyOn 15 December, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a non-legislative Resolution on the EU Energy Union in response to the European Commission (EC) Communication on the subject published in February 2015. The resolution urges the Energy Union to provide EU citizens with secure, sustainable and affordable energy. It also recognises the significant role that nuclear energy plays in reducing CO2 emissions and securing energy supply.

In the Resolution, the EP indicates that “nuclear power provided 27 % of the EU’s electricity mix and over half of all EU low-carbon power in 2014”. The EP also “calls on the Commission to ensure the EU provides an enabling framework” for nuclear new build for the Member States that wish to do so in order to meet their national EU energy and climate targets”.

The EP adds that “nuclear power is one of the most important contributions of the European energy system, providing for lower CO2 emissions while simultaneously limiting import dependence, securing a stable production of electricity” and that it provides a “stable base for an energy system where renewables can be phased in”.

Nuclear power is a vital element of Europe’s energy mix contributing to the three main objectives of EU’s energy and climate strategy: security of supply, climate change mitigation and competitiveness. Its capacity in the EU should therefore be at least maintained up to 2050 and beyond in order to reach these objectives.

For further information, please read the Resolution and the EP press release.


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