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Nuclear waste-The basics

This project is supported by the European Commission, it will last 3 years.

SNETPFORWARD brings together 10 partners with the aim to support the European Commission to establish a SET Plan 2.0 in close collaboration with the other ETIPs.

SNETPFORWARD will allow SNETP to strengthen its position into the European nuclear and non-nuclear research ecosystem by:
  • Ensuring nuclear fission remains EU’s largest, secure, competitive, flexible and reliable supplier of low-carbon electricity together with renewables.
  • Exploring alternative nuclear applications: hydrogen production, process heat for heavy industry, district heating and medical applications in addition to reliable, flexible and sustainable electricity generation.
  • Developing new cross-cutting technologies, processes and synergies: new designs including small, modular and advanced reactors with the potential to close the fuel cycle, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, new manufacturing routes, harmonisation of codes and standards.
  • Focusing on key enablers to deliver the IWG ambitions: EU high quality skills and competences, R&D infrastructures, knowledge management and international cooperation.

Calls will be launched to fund studies on cross-sectorial issues in link with nuclear.

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