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nucleareurope joins JRC side event on nuclear

On 20 March 2024 nucleareurope Director General Yves Desbazeille joined the JRC Side event of the Nuclear Energy Summit entitled “JRC activities for a safe and secure nuclear in Europe”. He participated in the panel dedicated to “Strengthening nuclear science and technology in Europe with the JRC”.

When asked about potential competition between large and small reactors, he highlighted the need to take into account the massive electrification that is expected over the coming years. As a result, he stressed his belief that there will be more than enough room for both. In this respect, it should be noted that there are two dimensions to be taken into account. First of all the need to provide energy and services directly to end users without using the grid. This is where SMRs come into play. The second is to do with reactors which are directly connected to the grid – here it is large nuclear power plants that will be utilised given that they have a lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE). At the same time he also noted that this could be subject to change as technology and industrial capacity evolves (as well as financing conditions). 

He was also asked whether the EU nuclear industry will be able to deliver on all the projects which Member States are potentially planning to go ahead with.  In his response he noted that it could be challenging, stressing the important role which policy will have to play in order to support the European nuclear supply chain. This includes treating nuclear in the same way as renewables when it comes to policies and financing tools. At the same time, industry will need to invest in education & training to ensure it has the workforce it will need. 

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