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nucleareurope joins SNETP Forum pane

On 19 April 2024, nucleareurope Director General Yves Desbazeille was invited to participate in an SNETP Forum panel dedicated to stakeholders.  This panel provided Yves with an opportunity to present nucleareurope and the work that we do.

In this respect, he outlined that our goal is to influence policies relating to, for example, energy and industry, with the goal of ensuring that the contribution of the European nuclear industry is valued at EU level. He noted some of the policy files which we have been active on include the Sustainable Finance Taxonomy, Net Zero Industry Act and Electricity Market Design.  

Adding to this he stressed the importance of nuclear Innovation, Research and Development (I,R&D) in discussions with different policymakers and hence the importance of our collaboration with SNETP.  The Set-Plan and the European SMR pre-Partnership are just two examples of areas where we have collaborated very closely.  

Yves also gave an overview of the current state of play of policies at EU level, and what nucleareurope’s expectations are for the next European Commission.

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