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nucleareurope moderates SET Plan IWG panel

On 24 April 2024, nucleareurope Policy Director Andrei Goicei moderated a panel dedicated to nuclear and renewable heat for industry during a SET Plan event entitled ‘Cooperation across SET Plan Implementation Working Groups (IWGs)’.

The focus of this session was on the challenges and opportunities linked to decarbonising industry by integrating nuclear heat and renewable heat together with thermal storage in industrial processes.  Speakers included Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero (Deputy Head of Unit at DG RTD C.4 Euratom Research), Franz Horzenberger (Co -Chair of IWG6), Jozef Sobolewski (Director for HTR Development at NCBJ and Chairman of NC2I/SNETP), Valérie Séjourné (Managing Director of Solar Heat Europe), Gerdi Breembroek (Chair Geothermal IWG) and Wouter Ducheyne (CTO & Co Founder at Qpinch). 

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