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nucleareurope presents SMR alliance at EPRI workshop

On 16 April 2024, our Nuclear Technology Advisor, Guilherme Cardoso, was invited to the EPRI European Workshop Week to present the European Industrial Alliance on SMRs.

During his presentation he indicated that the goal of this alliance is to identify enabling conditions and constraints relating to the safe design, construction and operation of SMRs in Europe.  In this respect he provided an overview of the work undertaken by the European SMR pre-Partnership, which laid the groundwork for the establishment of this alliance.

Following on from this Guilherme provided some insights into how the alliance will operate. In this respect, two types of Working Groups will be established. First of all, Technical WGs which will focus on policy reflections and areas where further work is needed (project development, project finance, supply chain, financing, safety research, public engagement, waste management, etc.). These WGs will be nourished by feedback based on projects’ experience and will disseminate best practices. They will also interact directly with EU & national decision-makers. The second type of WGs will be Project-based.  These will be assisted under the Alliance and will gather interested stakeholders through specific agreements.

Guilherme also gave an overview of the tasks which the alliance plans to undertake and membership eligibility. 

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