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Nucleareurope joins SCIENCE BUSINESS research event

On 19 September 2023, nucleareurope Director General Yves Desbazeille was invited to join the closing plenary session of the SCIENCE BUSINESS event entitled “The Research Road to Net-Zero Industry”.

During the discussion, Yves focused on the nuclear technologies under development which have the potential to help support the decarbonisation targets. In this respect, he indicated that Small Modular Reactors are showing great potential and could become a key technology in the transition away from, for example, coal.  

He noted the importance of putting the right policies in place to enable the development and deployment of new nuclear technologies, such as SMRs.  For example, policies need to maintain a technology neutral approach and thus support all those technologies that have the potential get us where we want to be. The same applies to funds, such as the Innovation Fund.  

Click here to watch this session in full!

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