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Nucleareurope provides overview of EU hydrogen policies

On 11 October 2023, nucleareurope Policy Director Andrei Goicea was invited to present the latest developments regarding hydrogen at EU level during the high-level panel session dedicated to nuclear and low-carbon hydrogen organised by the IAEA.

During his intervention, Andrei provided an overview of what the EU’s plans are in relation to hydrogen, noting that a lot of attention is being given to hydrogen produced from renewables. In this respect, he indicated that nucleareurope is advocating in favour of policy which supports all technologies capable of producing low-carbon and fossil free hydrogen, including nuclear. 

He indicated that given the massive demand for hydrogen expected in the future, all low-carbon sources will be needed to produce these projected volumes. Furthermore, the EU needs to put in place policies which will incentivise investment in domestic hydrogen production in order to avoid becoming dependant on hydrogen imports.  

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