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Nucleareurope speaks at Euractiv event

On 2 October 2023, nucleareurope Director General, Yves Desbazeille, participated in a Euractiv event dedicated to the role of nuclear in the future energy mix of France.  During his intervention he indicated that policymakers are now starting to realise the importance of a resilient energy system for the economy. In this respect, he made reference to the Nuclear Alliance and the goal which has been set of having 150GW of installed nuclear capacity in the EU by 2050. Achieving this goal will require a significant mobilisation of the supply chain and utilities. At the same time, the European Commission needs to also show support for nuclear, such as by including it in all relevant EU policies.

Regarding France in particular, he believes that nuclear power plants will need to continue to operate as both a dispatchable and flexible source of energy.  Furthermore, he stressed the importance of keeping the existing fleet online for as long as possible.

Click here for the Euractiv event article

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