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#NuclearEuropeLeaders meet in Brussels

On 20 February 2024, the #NuclearEuropeLeaders group (which is a gathering of CEOs and CNOs from the major nuclear companies in Europe) met in Brussels in order to discuss latest developments in the nuclear sector.  During the meeting, nucleareurope provided an overview of the key files which we have been successfully working on over the past year.  These include:

  • The Net-Zero Industry Act, which now recognises all nuclear technologies as ‘Net-Zero Technologies’
  • The Industrial Alliance for SMRs, launched in early February which is the result of the work undertaken by nucleareurope and its partners under the European SMR pre-Partnership.

This meeting was followed by a dinner together with a significant number of Ambassadors (Deputy Permanent Representatives).  During the dinner a broad range of topics were discussed including:

  • Meeting the 2050 Net-Zero objectives.
  • Diversification of the fuel cycle.
  • Support for the nuclear supply chain.
  • Ensuring industrial competitiveness.
  • Regulatory cooperation.

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