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EESC calls for EU to adopt a clear and comprehensive nuclear strategy

Sep 23, 2016

On 22 September, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted its Opinion on the Illustrative Nuclear Programme (PINC) issued by the European Commission last April. The Opinion, written by rapporteur Brian Curtis, deplores that the “European Commission’s proposal does not offer a clear and comprehensive approach to the future of nuclear power in Europe”

The EESC urges the EC to revise the text in order to address in more detail the issues of competitiveness of nuclear power, other economic aspects, contribution to security of supply, climate change & carbon targets, and public acceptability. EESC recommends that the PINC should propose a clear analytical process for national decision-making about the role of nuclear power in relation to other energy sources in the energy mix.
The EESC also asks the EC to emphasize the role that nuclear energy plays in securing energy supply “with sources of fuel supply (uranium) at present seemingly more secure than oil or gas” and reducing CO2 emissions: “nuclear power contributes half of Europe’s low carbon electricity”.

The EESC Opinion stresses the importance of public acceptance, transparency, and effective national dialogue. To improve public acceptance, the EESC recommends encouraging member states to provide more information “not only on emergency preparedness but also on how nuclear power contributes to a balanced, climate-friendly energy mix.”

The EESC Opinion is in line with FORATOM’s view that the PINC lacks a clear strategy for the future of nuclear energy in Europe.

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