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Energy Union: Achieving low carbon economy goals must remain Europe’s priority

Nov 28, 2017

FORATOM, the voice of the European nuclear energy industry, welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s Third Report on the State of the Energy Union. FORATOM believes that Europe must continue to focus on achieving its ultimate goal of cutting CO2 emissions and transitioning to a low carbon economy whilst at the same time ensuring security of energy supply and jobs in Europe.  To do this, the EU must continue to make use of all the best tools available, especially nuclear energy. 

 “The Energy Union should ensure that all low-carbon technologies can compete on a level-playing field. Accelerating the decarbonisation of Europe, in line with the Commission’s goals, has to include nuclear energy, which contributes to all the Energy Union’s key energy objectives: security of supply, competitiveness and environmental sustainability. Not only is nuclear a low carbon energy source, it also ensures that people and businesses have access to the electricity they need – when they need it.  In addition, thanks to a European supply chain, its provides skilled jobs to over 800,000 European citizens. Nuclear is already an integral part of a socially-fair energy transition.” states Yves Desbazeille, FORATOM Director General.

In FORATOM’s view:

  • The EU should continue to push for a socially-fair energy transition. The higher number of skilled job opportunities provided by nuclear should be taken advantage of in the shift towards a low carbon economy.
  • All low carbon technologies should be treated equally in the market. Providing support for one technology over another can distort the market and trigger unfair competition.
  • As emphasised in the report, in order to attract investment in low carbon technologies the right market price signals are needed. Here again, consideration should be given to all technologies which can help Europe achieve its low carbon goals.
  • In addition to renewables, it is important to recognise the contribution of nuclear in terms of reducing dependence on coal and gas imports from third countries.

The third report on the State of the Energy Union is available here.

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