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Nucleareurope supports tripling of global nuclear capacity target

Dec 5, 2023 | Press Release

Dubai, 5 December 2023: Today, nucleareurope has joined forces with the global nuclear energy industry in support of the Ministerial Pledge to triple global nuclear capacity by 2050. Signed by over 100 organisations, the industry pledge highlights the need for nuclear as part of a decarbonised energy system.  

COP28 is a momentous occasion for nuclear. For the first time in decades, Member States have joined forces to underline the need for nuclear as a clean source of energy capable of ensuring security of supply” states Yves Desbazeille, Director General of nucleareurope. “This call for a tripling in global nuclear capacity goes hand in hand with the target of 150 GW of nuclear capacity in the EU by 2050 set by the Nuclear Alliance back in May”.

 According to the pledge, the nuclear industry is committed to working with governments, regulators, and other stakeholders to “maximize the contribution from existing operating nuclear power plants and accelerate the pace of new nuclear deployment in a safe, responsible and secure manner.”  Areas which will need to be tackled in order to achieve the tripling target include recognising and supporting all low-carbon energy sources in policy and ensuring nuclear has equal access to climate finance.

Click here to download the Industry Pledge.


About us:

nucleareurope is the Brussels-based trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe. The membership of nucleareurope is made up of 15 national nuclear associations and through these associations, nucleareurope represents nearly 3,000 European companies working in the industry and supporting around 1,100,000 jobs.

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