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Positive signal for future nuclear investments in EU

Jul 12, 2018

Brussels, 12 July 2018: FORATOM, the voice of the European nuclear energy industry, welcomes the decision of the General Court of the European Union (EU) to dismiss Austria’s complaint, supported by Luxembourg, against the European Commission’s (EC) state aid approval for the construction of two nuclear reactors at the Hinkley Point C power plant in the United Kingdom. The Court’s decision to uphold the EC’s approval of the aid provided by the UK Government can be perceived as good news for all the EU Member States which are considering nuclear new build projects as it sends a positive signal for future nuclear investments in the EU.

In this context, FORATOM recalls the right of EU Member States to choose nuclear energy as part of their energy mix and to favour long-term investments in nuclear energy, in line with the objectives of the Euratom Treaty and in particular Article 2(c) which states that the EU shall “facilitate investment and ensure, particularly by encouraging ventures on the part of undertakings, the establishment of the basic installations necessary for the development of nuclear energy in the Community”.

FORATOM also recognises the indispensable role of the UK Government in the process and its commitment to the project as part of its support for nuclear power. The UK considers nuclear energy as a key means to secure the country’s energy supply and meet its climate goals. Hinkley Point C is expected to provide 7% of Britain’s power needs by producing reliable, low-carbon and affordable electricity which also offers the flexibility of dispatch required to balance the increasing share of intermittent renewable energy sources.

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