Press release

UK expected to exit Euratom

Jan 27, 2017

FORATOM follows the line of its UK member, the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), in highlighting that the European nuclear industry preferred position is to maintain UK’s membership of Euratom. The nuclear industry is global, so the ease of movement of nuclear goods, people and services enables new build, decommissioning, R&D and other programmes of work to continue without interruption.

However, if the UK ceases to be part of Euratom, then it is vital that the UK Government and its partners in the EU agree transitional arrangements, to give time to negotiate and complete new agreements between the UK and the rest of the EU Member States, and third countries including the US, Japan and Canada who have Nuclear Cooperation Agreements within the Euratom framework. The UK should remain a member of Euratom until these arrangements are put in place.


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