Nuclear Powered Hydrogen Cogeneration

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Nuclear waste-The basics

Nuclear Powered Hydrogen Cogeneration

The EU hopes to fully decarbonise its economy by 2050. One of the solutions being put forward is hydrogen. Nevertheless, to date most of the hydrogen produced in Europe comes from fossil fuels. So the question is how to ramp up the production of low-carbon hydrogen to ensure that enough is being produced – at an affordable cost – to meet the needs of hard to decarbonise sectors, such as industry? ​ NPHyCo will focus on the potential for developing large scale, low-carbon, hydrogen production facilities linked to nuclear power plants. It will start by assessing the feasibility of producing hydrogen near an existing nuclear power plant as well as the added value of such project. Furthermore, it will look at potential locations where a pilot project could be implemented.  ​​

Website: NPHyCo

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