FORATOM members to cooperate to further nuclear development in UK and France

Jul 4, 2016

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) and the French Nuclear Society, SFEN, which are both members of FORATOM, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris on 29 June 2016, committing to work together to further the nuclear sector in both the UK and France.

The agreement recognises the importance of nuclear energy for sustainable development and the need for continued co-operation between UK and French industries as new nuclear generation is developed in Europe.

Nuclear is part of the solution to fight climate change, as a low carbon source of constant and reliable power, which can help ensure emissions reductions targets are met, as part of a balanced low carbon generation mix. Through this agreement, the UK and French organisations, will work together to promote collaboration between industries and skilled workforces in both countries.

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